Our Mission

Our mission is to give African people the tools to dramatically transform their lives through the power of education and business. In this way we will advance African livelihoods, create a new economic reality, and gently rock the world.

About Us

Mr-Mak is Africa's most engaging, dynamic, and entertaining, business learning platform. We are focused on delivering practical and practitioner led business education for the African continent, and Africans living in the diaspora.

Who uses Mr-Mak.com

Mr-Mak is used by leading companies and corporates, business schools and universities, public sector organisations, business incubators, and agricultural co-operatives, to deliver to their learners and employees access to world class business skills and training in African country contexts. Individuals are able to access content directly through our omni-channel digital platform. Our African centric content also attracts users from Asia, Europe, and North America who are engaged in business on the continent, or are seeking a gateway of knowledge and insights regarding its business opportunities.


Mak-Business is targeted at professionals employed in commerce and industry who are either attending a short training intervention, or are seeking to independently improve their education and skill set. Mak-Business offers general content including finance, strategy, economics, and sectoral specific content such as banking, energy, retail, technology, services, and agriculture.


Mak-Scholar is targeted at undergraduate and postgraduate students pursuing finance, business and commercially related qualifications. This may be in the form of a Masters in Business Administration, Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration or Executive Education courses including finance, strategy, economics, and sector specialisations such as banking, energy, retail, technology, services and agriculture.


Mak-Entrepreneur is targeted at individuals pursuing new and established entrepreneurial ventures. It offers a series of practical lessons on how to start, run, and grow a business. It also seeks to build a trusted community forum for emerging entrepreneurs enabling them to network and do business.


Mak-Nology is Mr-Mak's technology offering. This pillar is aimed at equiping people with the skills and insight to understand how rapid technological changes are impacting on their existing businesses. A platform as to how to respond to both the opportunities and threats that technology poses is nurtured. Within the Mak-Nology pillar we specifically interrogate the implications of technology for countries in Africa, whilst contextualising this within secular technological trends globally.

Mak-Public Sector

Mak-Public Sector is targeted at professionals and learners in public service institutions at national, provincial (state), and local (municipal) government. It also addresses business and commercial issues relating to state owned companies and the various pieces of legislation and regulations governing these entities including the Public Finance Management Act, Municipal Finance Management Act, and Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act etc.

Career Launcher

Career Launcher is targeted at learners in tertiary institutions about to enter the work place, and graduates who have recently entered the professional work place. The thrust of this content is qualitative professional and life skills, emphasising the personal responsibilities that enable career advancement. These include matters such as on-going personal development, pro-activeness, time keeping, dressing appropriately, communicating professionally, collaborating, critical thinking, problem solving, preparing for interviews, meeting deadlines, accountability etc.


Agri-Mak delivers agricultural training content through two broad categories. The first category is focused on the agricultural ecosystem, and how key business principles including marketing, finance, strategy, capital requirements, and operations play out in both primary agriculture and agri-processing. The second category is aimed at actual farmers and delivers training on the most effective farming practices and methods that help emerging and established farmers increase their yield and productivity, taking into account the challenges of farming in Africa.


Mak-Money is targeted at the individual needs in terms of personal financial planning requirements. It is educational, provocative, action oriented and unashamedly promotes a high savings and investment culture, and a candid opposition to excessive credit fuelled consumption expenditure. Products unpacked include home loans, car loans, personal loans (micro-loans), store cards, investments in shares and other asset classes, retirement and provident funds etc.

Mak-Book Klub

If you love to read and are passionate about business books, self development, and African literature, this is where you can discover our latest suggestions by way of crisp video book reviews. We pick and review the perfect business books and African literature that will delight and enthrall you. Our aim is to build a bridge that gives you access to the thinking, raw emotions, and motivations of leading entrepreneurs and business people, and some of the most potent and compelling authors from Africa and Africans in the diaspora. Our book reviews are compiled by a blend of the Mr-Mak management team together with contributions from Mr-Mak users, enabling any passionate reader to generate reviews on books they have found captivating. Mak-Book Klub provides a community to share your love of business books, self development, and African literature.


Mak-Flix houses the TV related media content of the Mr-Mak platform. These include two shows that will be eligible for TV distribution namely, ‘Emerging Market Leaders’ and ‘Davidhoff’. Mak-Flix will also house less formalised video content in the form of short interviews, commentaries, and book reviews, that contribute to making Mr-Mak a immensely valuable ecosystem of business knowledge.

Mr-Mak Web Services (MWS)

Mr-Mak Web Services (MWS) is not a content pillar but a facilitative service. Specifically it offers institutions the capacity to deliver their own digitised learning content to their employees or targeted audience using Mr-Mak's infrastructure. As a result they enjoy the economies of scale and efficiencies that arise from sharing infrastructure as opposed to each organisation building their own expensive offering. This offering is particularly relevant across companies and institutions of varying sizes in both the private, public, and non-profit making sectors, and globally.

Need to train your team?

We offer flexible, cost-effective group memberships for your business, organisation or government institution.
We also deliver direct contact sessions through our Mak-Ademy business school.