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  • Mr-Mak’s teachings not only propel you in business but in life. His relating of key principles to real-life scenarios makes the material easy to grapple with and leaves your mind provoked for days on end
    Chanelle Hammond
  • Mr-Mak de-mystified postgraduate financial accounting for me. His delivery was simple and effective. He ensured that our understanding was rigorously tested before introducing new concepts. There was refreshing logic in his delivery which enabled me to confidently apply my learnings in close to real time.
    Buyi Shongwe
  • As an entrepreneur I received a profound impartation from Mr-Mak. And not just on the technical aspects of business and finance. But more deeply on the role I am destined to play to build this continent. How we must improve the lives of its people through hard work, productivity, discipline, innovation, and excellence.
    Lyborn Mashava
  • The passion that Mr-Mak had for the subject is one that I on a personal level aspire to have towards my own work and career, over and above the teachings. His passion for teaching and how he was able to make economics relatable to anyone still resonates with me.  
    Jamie-Lee Botha
  • Mr-Mak is an excellent communicator whose easy and engaging style of teaching makes the learning experience enjoyable. His ability to take complex concepts and simplify them for his audience makes time spent with him in the classroom a worthwhile investment.
    Ed Chantesa
  • Mr-Mak has mastered the art of breaking down complex topics into their simplest form. His approach to teaching helped me achieve an A for Management Accounting which was not my favourite subject!
    Lungi Masondo
  • Mr-Mak is supportive, passionate, and dedicated. Coming from a non-financial and business engineering environment, he embedded business and financial skills in such a way that my grandmother could easily understand and grasp the supposedly complex concepts.
    Soulman Seromo
  • Mr-Mak is just an incredibly dynamic individual with a passion for lecturing in the field of business and finance. He really inspired me during my MBA studies
    Prinisha Manda

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